Brief History

Bencel Z Press was originally conceived to strengthen family ties. In November 1996, after months of trial operation, Bencel Z Press was born at the 21st Ave, Cubao, Quezon City.  The ‘Z’ in the logo stands for Zamora, our family name.  The word ‘Bencel’ originated from the names Bening and Celing, the parents of the company directors.

It was not long, however, for its owners to realize that Bencel was more than just a symbolic and sentimental object. Bencel provides practical benefits and excitement. Not surprisingly, therefore, its members were unfazed by the prevalent economic crisis during the period. To meet its challenges particularly in price competition, they decided to relocate to a commercial area along Molave St., Project 3, Quezon City on Sept 1, 1998; reduce the company’s headcount; and outsource some pre-press activities to longer experienced establishments. After three more difficult years, they acquired a Heidelberg offset printer, a faster and more accurate machine. The pre-press department as restored for faster response to customer needs and better quality control. On January 2003 another Heidelberg printer was acquired and the total operations area was doubled to accommodate additional machines currently contemplated.

The current managers were former managers of other companies. The CEO was a former senior officer of a prominent bank.  They aspire to make the company a member of the bigger league.  It remains a distant vision.  Rough roads lie ahead, but they are determined to be there.  How?  Every manager and staff of the company work to exceed the customer’s expectation of quality, accuracy, timeliness, and economy.  They expect this policy and effort to carry them forward.

The number of regular and loyal clients of the company has been growing. Some of its clients are from Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, La Salle Green Hills, Landbanker’s, NATCCO Network, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, etc. Aside from that, new clients have also been entering such as customers requesting for printing of flyers for provinces and printing of comic books.